Since 1901

In 1901 Piero Galli founded the homonymous company in Gallarate, in Como area.

Initially as manufacturer of embroideries for women’s clothing, over the years becomes an important fabric supplier for the bridal market. In 2001 the first collection for prêt-à-porter and ceremony was born.

Our dynamic commercial network and a constant presence at Première Vision and Jitac fairs led us to be appreciated all over the world.

In 2020, by the will of the historic team, the digital challenge is accepted: to compete in the fashion system and to fill the gap created by the latest events.

The aim is to provide the commercial agents with an innovative tool to present our creations.

Thanks to Philofy the vision of the collections through the web is now a concrete reality. The search for innovative solutions, textile treatments and new materials, allow us to be a point of reference for medium and luxury brands.

Our mission is to guarantee a 100% Made in Italy production, exclusive, sophisticated and respectful of the strict environmental protection standards.

Everyone’s health is our most important partner.

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